Image by Jan from Pixabay

Composite indicator app

The open-source COINr package is now used worldwide for building and analysing composite indicators. However, for those people who don’t use R, it is hard to access.

I’m pleased to announce a new contract with FIND, a non-profit organisation which “seeks to ensure equitable access to reliable (medical) diagnosis around the world”. The aim is to build a web app which acts as a GUI for COINr, allowing anyone to build and analyse composite indicators from their web browser! This is of particular use to FIND, who need to decide where to prioritise resources.

This project is very much in the early stages, and for the moment the app is planned to be used internally for FIND. With luck though, it may make an appearance in the public at some point. Stay tuned.

William Becker
Data scientist, policy analyst

Data scientist with expertise in international data, stats/ML and uncertainty/sensitivity analysis