Credit: Vietnam MOST

Vietnam provincial innovation index

The Vietnam Provincial Innovation Index is a new composite indicator developed by the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology in 2022, which aims to measure innovation at the provincial level in Vietnam. The index has been created in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation, who are the developers of the very well-known Global Innovation Index, which I have also helped out with on several occasions!

In November/December 2022 I was contracted to perform an independent audit of the index, including data and weighting checks, correlation and multivariate analysis, a review of the methodology and sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. I used the COINr package for the job, and since the developers were anyway using the package themselves to build the index, it was fairly easy to dig deep into the data and help out with one or two technical problems.

William Becker
Data scientist, policy analyst

Data scientist with expertise in international data, stats/ML and uncertainty/sensitivity analysis