This is a non-exhaustive list of my publications (it takes a while to add each one). See my Researchgate profile and Google Scholar for a more complete list.

A peer-reviewed overview of my R package for constructing and analysing composite indicators.

Building an indicator framework for mapping monitoring internation connections between Asian and European countries, linking to sustainable development.

Performing sensitivity analysis with dependent input variables, using a Bayesian polynomial chaos emulator. Technique is applied to a drainage model.

Exploring how composite indicator weights can be optimised using concepts from information theory.

Construction of an indicator framework for decentralised energy investments in Africa.

A comprehensive comparison of sensitivity analysis estimators using a metafunction approach.

Using sensitivity analysis metrics to perform econometric model selection.

A position paper by leading researchers in sensitivity analysis summarising the state of the field and looking forward to the future.

A composite indicator for monitoring the EU2020 strategy over a decade at national and regional level.

A novel approach to benchmarking sensitivity analysis approaches using highly flexible “metafunctions”.

Construction of a principled monitoring framework for the EU Bioeconomy Strategy.

Guidelines for quantitative methods and modelling for policy making.

A review of how sensitivity analysis is performed across many fields of science and engineering, and recommendations to improve.

How to compute confidence intervals on frequency response functions using Gaussian processes.

A high resolution composite indicator for measuring water retention across Europe.

Which sensitivity analysis approaches actually work when we have few model runs and in high dimensions? We find out…

Measuring the relation between indicators and a composite indicator using nonlinear approaches, and an optimisation method for tuning weights.

A Bayesian sensitivity analysis of an engineering model of landing gear on a plane.

We explore the issue of uncertainty in climate modelling.

Sensitivity analysis of bifurcating models using treed Gaussian processes.

Investigating model uncertainty on climate change indicators using sensitivity analysis.

Bayesian sensitivity analysis of a model of an airship.

We tackle the problem of system identification for hysteretic systems.

A comparison of Sobol' and Latin Supercube sampling.

Fluid-structure model of an airship and its sensitivity analysis.

Bayesian sensitivity analysis of a finite element model of the human heart valve, to better understand its failure.

Modelling an infant brain to better understand the cause of sudden infant death syndrome.