William Becker

Data scientist, policy analyst, researcher

I am a policy-oriented data scientist currently based in North Italy. I work for international organisations like the European Commission, UN agencies, policy consultancies and non-profit organisations on topics from GHG emissions and sustainable development to skills systems and innovation.

I’m eternally curious about learning new things, and this has led me to work in many different fields. I’ve worked on high-impact projects with dozens of international organisations.

Throughout my career I’ve discovered what I really enjoy:

  • Working with interesting people
  • Tackling challenging and worthwhile problems
  • Creating things: tools, books, reports, training courses
  • The satisfaction of doing something well
  • Learning new things and teaching others

To find out more about my work, see my recent projects. For my research, see my publications list.


Data science/policy consultant


Statistical, software and data research for international organisations including the European Commission, UN agencies, consultantcies and non-profits. I lead projects from client/stakeholder engagement and workshops through data analytics and web visualisation.

See more on the projects page.

Senior data/policy analyst

2014 - 2020: European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Supporting the European Commission in international data analysis, indicator frameworks, and analysis of uncertainty and sensitivity/robustness. I was a senior researcher simultaneously in the European Commission’s Competence Centre for Composite Indicators and Scoreboards, as well as the Competence Centre for Modelling, which are both cross-cutting groups supporting multiple policy areas. I worked extensively with many different departments of the European Commission (JRC, EEAS, BUDG, GROW, SG, RSB, REGIO, etc), leading and supporting projects and training colleagues, as well as with a wide range of international organisations.

Scientific/technical project officer

2011 - 2014: European Commission, Joint Research Centre

I worked in the Econometrics and Applied Statistics unit of the JRC: my role was to provide statistical support to the rest of the European Commission, particularly regarding impact assessments, indicators and modelling.


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  • PhD Mechanical Engineering | University of Sheffield, UK, 2006 – 2011: PhD in Mechanical Engineering and applied machine learning and Bayesian stats. Thesis entitled: Uncertainty propagation through large nonlinear models.

  • MEng Mechanical Engineering | University of Sheffield, UK, 2002 – 2006: MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Spanish. Included one year as an Erasmus student at the University of Seville, Spain.

   Outside work

I am a creative person and a musician and I enjoy playing guitar and (trying to) sing. I also love sports, including running, skiing, swimming and hiking. I spend a lot of time with my family, but also like building things and growing organic food in the garden.

A couple of voluntary activities I am involved in: