A little more about me

I would primarily describe myself as a data scientist but I have a very broad background. I’m eternally curious about learning new things, and this has led me to work in all kinds of fields. Following my PhD in Mechanical Engineering in the UK, I moved to Italy to work on scientific research for policy making. I have become internationally-recognised expert in both of the main fields I have worked in in recent years: sensitivity/uncertainty analysis, and composite indicators. I’ve worked on high-impact projects with dozens of international organisations, and in the meantime written around 30 journal publications, with approx. 1500 citations and counting.

Throughout my career I’ve discovered what I really enjoy:

To find out more about my work, see my recent projects. For my research, see my publications list.


Here are some of my technical skills (both software and otherwise):

“Softer” skills:


I love talking to and working with people from different countries.


Life is by no means just about work.